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SaaS Trends Post COVID-19 Pandemic

As organizations of all sizes look to a COVID-19-free future, many of the steps they took to survive 2020 are likely here to stay. The two most consequential actions – sending employees to work...

Gmail vs Outlook and Apple Mail

Why should your users use Gmail instead of Outlook or other 3rd party clients? This shouldn’t even be a question.  If you were on Office, would you allow the use of Gmail as their client? No? No. ...

How to Select Access Management Alternatives Beyond Active Directory

Active Directory has dominated identity and access management (IAM) in organizations for years, due to the dominance of on-site Windows servers in enterprises.

The Impact of 5G on Work-from-anywhere Tech

Like most things we took for granted before the year 2020 found us, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the traditional 9-to-5 work cycle of many people. Before COVID-19 only 3.6% of employees spent...

How to Manage Computers Remotely

Most small organizations rely on individual, custom-configured system setups. In this sort of scenario, new devices are sent directly to an IT team member to handle all initial setup, app...

2021 Budget Predictions

Overall, 2021 budgets don't look too bad If the soothsayers are right (and given 2020, that’s a big 'If'), the most IT shops will have about the same amount of money to work with in 2021.

What’s Next for Cloud Security

If you care about computer security, you take steps to secure systems under your direct control. Typically, this means you adjust settings to require multi-factor authentication, encrypt data...

COVID-19 Driving Increased Robotic Process Automation Adoption

Not surprisingly, the pandemic is a forcing function that companies are leveraging to streamline operations, conserve cash, and insulate the bottom line by deploying more automation.

Cloud Compliance Certifications: 5 Things a CIO Needs to Know

Take a few minutes to browse through the compliance sites for six of the largest cloud infrastructure providers:

How to Choose Cloud Storage for your Company

Cloud storage makes a great deal of sense for at least a portion of an organization’s storage needs. Storage-as-a-service means that an IT administrator no longer needs to buy file servers, select...

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